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I am reaaaaaaally hoping to get a premium membership as I want to see what it is like. Also I will be offering rewards.

5- signed picture of me
10-skype video hug
20- Video thank you message
25- A game of truth or dare with me
50-Video tour of my house
65-A roleplay of yours (or mine) choice.
100- A video of me playing one video game of your choice (note me for list of games)
250- A story of your choice (must be a certain theme. Note me for list of themes)
1000- Pokemon black and white guide OR heartgold and soulsilver

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Wow. I have been posting a lot of these recently.
Anyways this rp is about a young boy (me) who would constantly go to the restaurant and find much enjoyment in the animatronics so much so that I went there every other weekend just to see their show (this takes place after the suits become haunted). Eventually when I was old enough (17) I had decided that there was no better place to get my first job at as a night security guard. (You may only have to have one animatronic come alive or if you can get some friends involved that are on regularly we can make it a group rp. It can be long or short. If long then you can make it so they can talk. Oh and also if you really want to add to the story then one of the five children could have been his brother/sister. One final thing. IF YOU WANT TO aka NOT REQUIRED this roleplay can be slightly mature. I use slightly very strongly though. At the most I will MAYBE do a few kinks here and there. This isn't intended to be a sexual rp and I would rather not make it into one. If you have any other ideas for this rp or any other rp ideas on general then just note me.)
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Would you rather live in a zombie apocalypse with no government, everyone for themselves, kill or be killed, or a zombie apocalypse with a government that gives you shelter and food but is corrupt and controlling?
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  • Reading: Various wiki pages
  • Watching: chaotic
  • Playing: minecraft
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  • Drinking: Watermellon Christiline
A test that I saw a friend of mine (Maieykio) take this test. It looked interesting so I thought I would do it.

1. Ever had sex?
I've done some weird and freaky stuff but never anything to classify as "Sex"

2. Buy condoms?
Yup. Never used one though but I have one just in case.

3. Gotten pregnant?
… Yeah because guys can totally get pregnant.

4. Failed a class?

5. Kissed a boy?
Unfortunitly no.

6. Kissed a girl?
Yup. Twice (excluding relatives)

7. Used a little paper bag for lunch?
Do doritos count as lunch?

8. Have a job?
Yeah. I mow the lawn for people in my neighborhood during summer time.

9. Slipped on ice?
Nope. Always too hot here. We are lucky to get and inch of snow every year or two and even then it only last a day or two.

10. Missed the school bus?
Yeah a few times but not anymore.

11. Left the house without a wallet?
Yeah but I don't normally ever have that much money and I remember it nowadays.

12. Bullied someone on the Internet? What about fight someone?
Yeah but I felt bad about it and apologized afterward.

13. Bought a sex toy?

14. Had sex in public?
… Isn't that like illegal?

15. Played on a sports team?
I played on a soccer team that didn't win but one game the entire season.

16. Smoked weed?
I got some weeds from outside one and ate them if that counts.

17. Smoked cigarettes?
I tried once when I was little and ended up causing a house fire. Luckily I stopped it … by flooding the sink. I was a strange child.

18. Smoked a cigar?
Nope. always hated the smell of them.

19. Drank alcohol?
Yeah by accident. My mom told me to get her a drink that se left on the counter. It looked like pepsi so I had a sip. It wasn't pepsi.

20. Watched "The Breakfast Club"?
No but my film class is later this semester.

22. Been underweight?
HA HA! HA HA HA! that is funny.

23. Had an eating disorder?
Nope. *Continues eating rocky road ice cream*

24. Been to a wedding?
Yup. And I ruined the first one.

25. Made fun of someone for being fat?
Myself but that was only to make me feel good about myself.

26. Been on the computer for five hours straight?
Nope. Video games though is a different story.

27. Watched TV for five hours straight?
Yeah but not my show.

28. Been late for work?
Never had a real job.

29. Been late for school?
A few times.

30. Kissed in the rain?

31. Showered with someone else?
Yeah. When I was little I showered with my best friend. well more or bathed but you ge the point.

32. Failed your driver test?
Nope. Passed on my first try.

33. Ran a mile in less than 10 minutes?
Refer to number 22.

34. Been outside your home country?
I wish. I really want to go to england.

35. Been on a road trip more than five hours?
Yup. Went from South Carolina to florida.

36. Had lice?
Nope. Although I did have dandruff for a year and a half.

37. Gotten your heart broken?
Yes but it was kinda my fault so I got over it quick.

38. Have a credit card?
I did for like two hours once.

39. Been to a professional sport game?

40. Broken a bone?
Nearly did.

41. Been unhappy about your weight?
Nope. Fatass and proud of it ^^

42. Won a trophy?
Yeah. I got a couple hundred on my playstation.

43. Cut yourself?
Yeah. I was cutting onions and cut a little bit of my finger off the side. Had to get stitches but it wasn't too bad and healed eventually.

44. Had an STD?

45. Gotten engaged?
Still not even 100% sure what that means exactly.

46. Been on a diet?
Once again refer to 22.

47. Tried out to be on a TV show?
Yup. I was quickly rejected due to being under 18.

48. Rode in a taxi?

49. Been to prom?
Yeah but didn't have anyone to go with.

50. Played a drinking game?
Yeah but only with cokeacola.

51. Stayed up for 24 hours or more?
Yes. It was horrible.

52. Been to a concert?
Yup. It was  aback eyed peas concert. I fell asleep twenty minutes in.

53. Had a threesome?
Nope but can't wait until I get the chance to ^^

54. Had a crush on someone of the same sex?

55. Been in a car accident?
One time a car in front of us ran over a pebble and it flew into our window but thats about it.

56. Had braces?

57. Learned another language?
I know a little bit of Dovah.

58. Killed an animal?
Yeah. Mostly bugs but I did run over a squirrel once by accident.

59. Been at a yard sale?

60. Been to a Japanese steakhouse?
The most fancy restuaunt I've ever been to was lizards thicket.

61. Wore makeup?
Yeah. My sister liked to play dress up when we were little ...

62. Talked to someone via webcam?
Yup. A lot actually.

63. Lost your virginity before you were sixteen?
Once again. Freaky stuff but never actually had sex.

64. Had your wisdom teeth taken out?
According to my dentist I am one of those lucky few who won't have any.

65. Kissed someone of a different race?
I got kissed on the cheek once by a black girl.

66. Snuck out of the house?
Yeah but on accident.

67. Bought porn?

68. Had a virus on your computer?
Many many times.

69. Had oral sex?

70. Dyed your hair?
tried to die my brown hair blond and failed miserably.

71. Gone skinny dipping?
don't exactly know what that is but I never really liked getting in the water so probably not.

72. Graduated from college?
Planning on it.
73. Worn someone else's clothes?
Yup. I have a lot of hand me downs.

74. Voted in a presidential election?
My school has a fake election every four years.

75. Rode in an ambulance?
Yeah but only in the front.

76. Rode in a helicopter?
yup although the guy driving only started it, not took it in the ait.

77. Caught the stove on fire?

78. Got in a verbal fight?
And won.

79. Met someone famous?
I met my local news anchor once.

80. Been on vacation?
Disneyland once.

82. Been on a boat?

81. Been on an airplane?
I wish.

83. Broken something expensive?
Antique glass cups that go for roughly a hundred bucks a piece.

84. Had surgery?
I had a spider bite on the back of my leg drained once.

85. Kissed someone before you were 14?
I don't think so.

86. Beat a video game?
A few times but a lot of the times I get close to beating the game then stop for some reason.

87. Found something valuable on the ground?
I found a coupon for a buy one get one free ice cream at mcdonalds.

88. Made a survey?
yup. Do it a lot in fact.

89. Stalked someone on a social network?

90. Prank called someone?
Kinda sorta. I prank called them but afterwards continued talking with them as normal.

92. Spent over $100 shopping in one day?
Yup. Got an amazon gift card for a hundred bucks. Spent it all in one day.

91. Been to a library outside of school?
Yeah. To rent movies from it.

93. Cut your hair and hated it?
Nah. I never cut my own hair.

94. Peed outside?
Yeah I do it a lot. Saves water.

95. Went fishing?

96. Helped with charity?
School fund raiser.

97. Taken a pregnancy test?
Refer to question 3.

98. Been rejected by a crush?
Once yeah

99. Been suspended from school?
Yup. I brought my dog to school onee and got OSS for two days.

100. Broken a mirror?
A small one yes.
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  • Reading: Various wiki pages
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Ok so I thought of yet another new rp idea. Basically I play as the CEO of Wallmart (or any other company you think of) and you play as my assistant. That is until one day you find yourself having win the jackpot lottery and buy out the company, effectively taking my job. Skip to a month later and you are living in luxury. Fancy cars. Expensive clothes. A hundred butlers and maids. A five story mansion. And profits only keep going up. One day you are walking through the streets one cold winter night when you see a lonely bum in an alleyway who looks very familiar. You walk up to me, now starving, sick, and penniless, and decide to give me a job as your personal assistant. (From here it can go two ways. You can either get your revenge on me and constantly threaten me of throwing me back onto the streets to die or you could take the more loving approaching keeping me more as a pet, still getting your revenge but in a less rough way that we would both enjoy)
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I went to the flea market today looking to buy some yugioh cards but they were out ... thank goodness they were because if I had bought a pack then I wouldn't have enough money to buy this baby.,NBsfrAx
I got it for only ten bucks. (click second image above the picture to see the inside)
  • Listening to: Peter Hollens
  • Reading: The multiple roleplays I am doing
  • Watching: House of Mouse
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Food
  • Drinking: chocolate milk


Austin Swindler
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
I am 15 years old and I like anime, transformation, and role-play (especially pokemon!). I hope that one day ill be able to become a better artist. I also hope that one day I will find a were creature. If any were or anthro creature reads this please tell me. If you want to role-play with me and talk about anything pokemon I will be happy to. I also have black 2 now. My friend code is 0562 7914 9587.

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